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'Don't Be Scared' Single  

Released 25th March 2021

“Don’t Be Scared” is the impressive debut solo single from exciting, Leeds based, singer- songwriter, Connor Leckenby. 

Forged in the fires of a global pandemic, "Don't Be Scared" is an insight into Connor's mindset throughout the lockdown periods and the overwhelming sense of grief and despair that drew him to turning his creative instincts back to writing lyrics after a 10 year period of inactivity.  

Armed with his lyrics and a demo instrumental, Connor turned to Songwriter, Producer and close friend Nigel Passey, who was entrusted with the task of turning a demo into an anthem. The pair then found themselves working in new and unchartered ways, conversing though WhatsApp, voice notes and via email to create a full instrumental that is both euphoric and subtle. Everything on the track was done remotely it is a true testament of collaborative effort and should be applauded in such difficult and uncertain times. 


"Don't Be Scared" is at its core, a plaintive piano ballad, with classic pop sensibilities, the song delivers a memorable and optimistic hook. However "Don't Be Scared" also transports you on a journey, a journey that continually ramps up, building and building the desperation that many of us will have felt over the past twelve months. A desperation to feel heard cared for and safe!  'Don't Be Scared' tugs at the heartstrings  perfectly, complementing Connor’s heartfelt delivery that is showcased from the off. 


Strong, soothing vocals cascade over a sparse arrangement building to a bold crescendo, demonstrating a wisdom that belies his young age. 


A contemporary modern classic in the making, “Don’t Be Scared” is a warm uplifting track guaranteed to get you singing along. 


Released 25th March 2021. Pre order from 13th march 2021 + Video to be released early April. 

Press Shots 

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